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Number Due Assignment Updates
1 November 16 Assignment1 , Ciphertext for Q1 13/11/16: Question 5- changed "ciphertexts" to "plaintext"
2 November 30 Assignment2
3 December 14 Assignment3 1/12/16: Question 7b- "if m is prime, $Z_m^*$ has a multiplicative generator" (not "element"). Also changed the previous $m=2^{61}-1$ to $m=2^{62}-1$. 7/12/16: $m=2^{62}-1$, which was a major player in this question, turned out to be composite, so $Z_m^*$ has no multiplicative generators. It is now replaced by $m=2^{107}-1$, which is a prime. We (read: your lecturer) apologize for any inconvenience.
4 December 28 Assignment4 Modified Q2, Q4, Q5 following forum discussions. Dec. 21.
5 January 16 Assignment5
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